Madreal Empreendimentos e Participações is the Madia Group company engaged in the real estate business and equity interests in various activities. In the field of entrepreneurship, its expertise covers designing and executing all the phases for the implementation of condominiums and subdivisions, industrial, commercial and residential construction, unfolding of areas, documentation regularization and related consultancies. In participations, the company dedicates itself to subscribing third-party projects in its area of ​​activity, participating as a quotaholder or manager from the planning stage to the final product. All development aimed at the success of the projects in Madreal are treated by professionals of higher level that compose its technical staff, integrating multidisciplinary areas such as Architecture, Engineering, Economics, Law, Business Administration, Accounting and Marketing. The result is the conduct of projects in accordance with best practices in terms of planning, budget, schedule, trade transparency and security for entrepreneurs, partners and consumers.

CNPJ: 56.299.720/0001-54
  • +55 (19) 3829-1616
  • Av. Don Nery, 480 | Valinhos/SP