Terras do Paiquerê

Meaning: "PAIQUERÊ" is a lost paradise where the sun heats without burning, spring is perennial and those who penetrate it are always young ... A paradise where everything is peace, joy and happiness ... "A place where nature reigns and a healthy, quiet, safe and happy life awaits you and your family. And this is not legend. It is the purest beautiful reality. Bold design with excellent location in the most noble and privileged region of Valinhos. Lots of 600 to 1,100 m², with preserved natural forest, recreation area, concierge and administrative lounge, completely surrounded by walls, modern and efficient security system, complete infrastructure: water, sewage, galleries, asphalt, electric grid. Lighting and telephony.

CNPJ: 56.299.720/0001-54
  • +55 (19) 3829-1616
  • Av. Don Nery, 480 | Valinhos/SP